We had the pleasure of organizing an adapted tour of the exhibition dedicated to the artist Tom Wesselmann which took place at Villa Paloma - New National Museum of Monaco, on Monday, November 5th. The exhibition entitled «Tom Wesselmann - The Promise of Happiness "is dedicated to the creations of the artist.

Deriving its title from Stendhal's famous statement "Beauty is only the promise of happiness," this in-depth research is devoted to some very specific aspects of Tom Wesselmann's production, including sexuality in Victorian and post-Victorian times, the self-determination of the woman and the relationship of these two subjects with the material abundance of the post-war period. It is also about the relationship of beauty and eroticism with this "promise. ". Hosted by the Cultural Mediation team of N.M.N.M., trained in Audio-description, by the Association Arrimage, and having adaptations of the key works of the exhibition realized by us; the visit was a great success.

Photography Claude Vella