Signage and Adaptation

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Anxious to make daily life , especially the art and wealth of patrimony more available , especially to the public with special needs (within the 11 February 2005 French Act domain); Arrimage conducts signage and adaptation work in various fields, as architecture, sculpture , or painting, allowing the vision of their equivalent in mental images on different media such as bronze , ceramics , glass, and resin.

Below are some examples of our achievements - Reproduction Rights prohibited

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The Maeght Foundation, under the leadership of its director Olivier Kaeppelin, wanted to equip itself with models of the works of the "Miro labyrinth" so that people with a visual deficit can feel the emotions, when faced with the work, desired by Joan Miro.

As part of the urban policy of the city of Rennes - "Art in the city" - at the initiative of Philippe Hardy, philosopher specialist in art - responsible for culture and urban planning at Renne Town Hall - we have participated in making art already in place in the heart of the city, accessible to the visually impaired and blind.

National monuments describe Thoronet Abbey as one of the most remarkable abbeys from the order of Cîteaux.

Nestled in the wooded valleys of the Var hinterland, emotion arises from the absolute simplicity of the architecture, stone and light combining to perfection.

In 2000, we created two models for this site: