Signage and Adaptation

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Anxious to make daily life , especially the art and wealth of patrimony more available , especially to the public with special needs (within the 11 February 2005 French Act domain); Arrimage conducts signage and adaptation work in various fields, as architecture, sculpture , or painting, allowing the vision of their equivalent in mental images on different media such as bronze , ceramics , glass, and resin.

Below are some examples of our achievements - Reproduction Rights prohibited

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Located Hérépian , Bell and Sonaille museum aim to help visitors discover the different manufacturing techniques of smelting bronze knack allowing church bells to rhythm time, as well as many bells like "Sonailles" (cowbells used by shepherds ), " Clarines " and "Grelots", in an over 1000 m2 beautiful space.


Located on the Rocher in Monaco, adjoining the prison and the Oceanographic Museum, this garden still contains the old cattle watering place, a witness of the history of the Principality.

The Space City is a space and space's conquest orienthed theme park, dedicated to astronomy and astronautics. In 1997 we realized, various signage elements, enabling blind and partially sighted to get around in the theme parc.