Produced by the Arrimage Association and put into images (from the photos of many excellent photographers) by the very talented Pierre Philippe Garrel of the Graphallcom Association -, who was able to transcribe with accuracy and emotion the poetic world between light and shadow of Claude Garrandès.

This wonderful art book for children and grown-ups tells the story of Aurore, a blind young girl.

During the twelve delicate color illustrations painted by the artist Catherine Doroshenko (and their embossed interpretations by the engraver René David) Aurore will meet her guide dog, Amadeus, then Paul the young student.

Both will change his life.

This book does not contain any text. The readers are invited to create their story, to express themselves on what the images and embossing inspire them and to share it.

A first worldwide, in partnership with FASEJ (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation), the Saint-Exupéry d'Agay estate and Éditions Gallimard, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s watercolour illustrations were rendered in relief (embossed by René David).

This exceptional art book also provides access as never before to blind and visually impaired persons, by touching the works.


Without any organic link with the myth of Orpheus, this book presents a nice story that depicts a bird, a muse and a lyre. "At the end of the story, the bird offers the lyre to the muse and receives (..) a bouquet of feathers that will allow him to fly to the firmament of poets"

This book is an ode to the Bronze Age hunter - growers, who left the mark of their civilization on the sunny slabs of the 'Vallée des Merveilles' (Alpes Maritimes, France).

A botanical and historical work, this book contains 9 embossings engraved by Jean Cortèse, describing the flora of ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean sea

This work was realized on the occasion of the threeway exhibition Museum of the Old Charity of Marseille, Museum of the Louvre of Paris and the Egyptian Museum of Cairo (Egypt) at the request of Madam the Curator Danielle Giraudy


In this magnificent art piece, the 'Claude Garrandès' editions seek to retranscribe the emotion of the artistic creation dear to Matisse, specifically around his works capturing the movements and the rhythm of dancing.

This book presents the works made by Picasso at the Antibes Museum in 1946. They belong to the cycle of Antipolis inspired by the Grimaldi castle. They are divided into three series: Mythology and Antipolis, the animals of Antibes, and Picasso and Love.

This exceptional book, containing a representative selection of all the work of Jean Cocteau's as a drawer, was made thanks to the authorization and support of Edouard Dermit and Jean Marais.