On Sunday February 25, 2024, we hosted Braille discovery workshops for the teams from the Vmbc Montblanc Monaco, Cannes, Bordeaux, Toulouse stores, as well as the teams from the Lewis Cannes and Toulouse stores (including accounting and marketing staff). on the occasion of their Team-Building day.

The purpose of this day is for them to announce that they are financing the construction of a school in Laos, equipment (chairs, tables), 1 year of cafetaria, 1 year of support lessons, sports equipment (balls, etc.). And also obviously raise awareness of inequalities and disabilities in the world.

We were able to present the Braille code, its history and some translation and writing exercises to diligent and motivated teams.

We are also very proud to have been able to participate in a meaningful initiative.

Thanks to Thierry Chan and all his teams for this afternoon.