This wonderful art book for children and grown-ups tells the story of Aurora, a blind young girl.

During the twelve delicate color illustrations painted by the artist Catherine Doroshenko (and their embossing interpretations by the engraver René David) Aurore will meet her guide dog, Amadeus, then Paul the young student.

Both will change his life.

35 €



This book does not contain any text. The readers are invited to create their story, to express themselves on what the images and embossings inspire them and to share it.




Sold for 35 €





A true work of art, adapted to the touch, the book contains the 12 illustrations and their counterparts facing each other and in relief, protected by crystal paper dividers.
Braille alphabet presented at the beginning of the book.
Wire'o metal binding, in a 300g coated satin coated paper jacket
300g "Velin d'Arches" paper embossing
Illustrations on "Rives Sensation Tradition" 270g paper
First edition print: 550 copies
ISBN: 978-2-909770-08-6
Public price: 35 €
Official book release date: June 21,