Miniature d'illustrationOn March 14, 2019, during 'Mars au Musée', the Association Arrimage intervened, at the request of the students of Master 2 EMIC, by carrying out workshops around Art in relief and Niki de Saint-Phale, at the Mamac Museum of Nice.
The students organized an afternoon for ill-sighted and blind, open to the everyone, who for the most part played the game (hiding their eyes with a banner).

The afternoon began with an art mediation adapted on the works of Niki de Saint Phale present at the museum, including 'les tirs' and 'nanas', with olfactory experiences (powder, resin, etc etc) and tactile miniatures in clay.
Then the groups separated into 2 workshops:
A musical workshop with Laurent Tamagno, where the participants were able to achieve electronic rhythms and music using sampler, keyboard, and electronic drums.
An embossed art workshop with the Association Arrimage where they could try the embossing using materials adapted to Niki de Saint-Phale, as well as drawing in relief.
A convivial afternoon under the sign of sharing and 'art for all'.
A big thank you to the students of the Master 2 EMIC, to the staff of M.A.M.A.C. from Nice and especially Amélie Gentilella and Carolina Guérin-Mareschi.