Educational activities

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The Association Arrimage is particularly sensitive to problems related to education and culture, organizes workshops in partnership with the French Education Nationale and other organizations (NGOs, Museums, etc.).

Those are taking place either in the Association premises or on site.


Miniature d'illustrationAt the occasion of the Nice Book Fair which took place on June 5, 2015, a tribute to Louis Nucera, honorary member of the Arrimage Association, and who wrote the proem for Cocteau Envisagé and Matisse Chorégraphe, La Danse.

 Miniature d'illustrationOn the occasion of the Monaco Book Fair: "IV Fabian Literary Encounters" (17-18 May 2015), a presentation was made of the book: Le petit Prince Claude Garrandès's edition

Miniature d'illustrationOn the occasion of the exhibition "The Little Prince in the Dark" in Singapore at the Alliance Française, the French Embassy, and the Antoine de Saint-Exupery Foundation for Fondation Antoine de Saint-Exupéry pour la Jeunesse, were presented tactile panels of relief drawings of The Little Prince, and the book 'The Little Prince' from Claude Garrandès's edition.