Educational activities

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The Association Arrimage is particularly sensitive to problems related to education and culture, organizes workshops in partnership with the French Education Nationale and other organizations (NGOs, Museums, etc.).

Those are taking place either in the Association premises or on site.


 Miniature d'illustrationOn the 06/16/16, following the visit to the Phoenix Park, children from the Specialized School of the Chateau (Nice), were offered an artistic afternoon, allowing children to achieve in a more sustainable way their interpretations of the 12 fantastic, originaly by Liu Yilin, and their Chinese Zodiac signs.

Miniature d'illustrationOn the initiative of the Association Arrimage, students from the specialized school of the Chateau (Nice), attended, in addition to their visit of the 'Parc Phoenix', an artistic workshop based on the Chinese Zodiac and the 12 Fantastic of chineese artist Liu Yilin

Miniature d'illustrationOn the occasion of the opening day of the chinese artist Liu Yilin's exhibition, at the Saint Elme chapel of Villefranche-sur-mer, Madeleine Servera, (curator of the museums of La Citadelle of Villefranche), organized a meeting between Claude Garrandes and Liu Yilin.

 Association Arrimage, as part of its mission to make art accessible to the greatest, including ill-sighted and blinds, in partnership with the Chinese artist Liu Yilin, and The Museums of the Citadel and Villefranche-sur-Mer, we had the chance to discover the exhibition "Nature and Man" for an adapted visit.


On the occasion of the event, The Values ​​of the Republic, organized by the François Raynouard of Brignoles high school on 01/07/16, with the presence of Mrs. Pons, Brignoles' deputy mayor, Mr. Ethis, academy of Nice's rector, and Mr Millangue academy's main inspector , the Association Arrimage tootk part to  the workshop "Fraternité" under the direction of Mr Olivier Perrache and his students.